Paper Submission

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Before submitting your abstract, please read the following abstract submission guidelines.

TITLE; should be precise with a clear description of the presentation, and reflect the overall content. It should be written in capitals (e.g. XXX).

AUTHOR(S); name(s) and SURNAME(s) should be written respectively. The name(s) of the authors (only first letter capitalized) and surname(s) (all capitalized) should be written clearly.

INSTITUTION(S); should be written clearly with the names of the institutions, departments and cities (e.g. Izmir Democracy University, Department of English Language Teaching, Izmir) in the order of author(s).

AREA OF STUDY: Please select the  area of the study. Please remember that your paper will be viewed by referees according to the focus area of the paper.

PRESENTATION LANGUAGE: Please select the language your presentation will be held. There are two options: English or Turkish.

FORMAT: Do not specify the subtitles; however, the abstracts should include

    • Problem statement
    • Hypotheses or research questions
    • Research methodology including desing, sample, instrument(s), data collection and analysis procedures
    • Results/ Expected results
    • Conclusion and Recommendations
    • Keywords: 3-5 keywords. Put commas between words
      • *The abstracts are published in English and Turkish. Please submit both versions on the same page.
      • **Abstracts should contain 250-500 words.

Abstracts which do not adhare to the writing format may not be taken into consideration.


Abstracts should only be submitted online. Please check the conference website in order to start your abstract submission process.

1) Authors, who are going to submit their abstracts for the first time via ABSTRACT SUBMISSION PANEL, should fill in the registration form provided by ABSTRACT SUBMISSION link. On the form, you can find the required fields for abstract submission. You should submit your abstract in the language of presentation. You do not need to upload a separate file.

2) Please note your ABSTRACT ID after the registration process. Your abstract ID(s) and  password(s) are required to log in Abstract Submission Panel.


The abstract evaluation and acceptance process will be performed by keeping the name/surname and institutions of the author/s confidential and according to the result of the referee evaluation. Abstracts will be evaluated by at least 2 (two) referees. When the referee evaluation report is received, the result of the evaluation will be sent to the author/s by e-mail. Participants can pay their fees upon receiving the acceptance e-mail. The presenting author/s is responsible for announcing the acceptance of the abstract to the co-authors. In order for the accepted paper to be presented and to be included in the scientific program, the author/s must complete the conference registration.

Each registered participant can participate with a maximum of 2 papers.

Accepted abstracts will be included in the Abstracts Book, and the full texts that will be requested afterwards will be included in the Conference Book.

In order for the presentations of the papers whose abstracts are accepted, the author/s must have registered for the congress. Papers that are not presented will not be published.

Full text submission requirements for authors whose abstracts have been accepted

Full texts that are prepared in accordance with the following criteria will be published in an online conference book. Papers sent beyond the deadline will not be included in the conference book. Besides the conference book that will be published online, author/s will be able to publish their work as a chapter in the book to be published by an international publishing house, provided that the conditions are met. The international publisher and publishing guidelines will be informed to the participants later.

Papers should not exceed 20 pages, including abstract, main text, tables, figures and references. Papers should be justified and author names and institutions should be centered under the title. The title should be centered, written in 14 pt, bold and capital letters, and the names of the authors and their institutions should be centered under the title. If there is more than one institution, authors and institutions should be numbered to determine which author works in which institution. Research texts should include subsections such as INTRODUCTION, METHOD, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS and REFERENCES. Table titles should be placed on the table to which they belong, and figure and graph titles should be under the figure and / or graphs to which they belong. Papers should be written on the computer using Microsoft Word. They should be written in Times New Roman, 11 pt with one and a half (1.5) line spacing. In paragraphs, the first lines should be indented 1 cm from the left margin. References should be prepared according to APA 6 (American Psychological Association) standards and alphabetized by the first author’s last name. All in-text citations should be listed in the “references” section.

Full texts should be scanned for plagiarism (the similarity should not exceed 30%) before publication.  The similarity report result must be attached as pdf when submitting the paper. Papers without a similarity report will not be published. Full text file and similarity report should be sent to