Dear participants,

1st International Educational Research Congress held by Izmir Democracy University Faculty of Education in Izmir Çeşme in 2019, 2nd International Educational Research Congress held online in 2020, 3rd and 4th International Educational Research Congress held face to face at our university in 2021 and 2022. We are excited to be with you and to organize the 5th International Educational Research Congress, this time, in Kuşadası, another beautiful district of the Aegean Region, hosted by our university.

In our congress, the theme of which was determined as “Overview of Education in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic: Teaching Systems and Teacher Training”, we will discuss and evaluate the changes and developments that have occurred in the field of education and training in this century-long period, both in our country and all over the world, in the 100th Anniversary of our Republic, and to create examples that can be taken as examples. In addition to the applications, there are several academic target areas such as determining the areas and applications that need improvement.

From our country’s perspective, after the victory of the War of Independence, it can be seen that the first steps of the young republic were in the field of education. In this context, the necessity of developing education and educational institutions for the country to progress and reach the level of contemporary civilizations was particularly emphasized. After the national struggle and the subsequent steps taken in the military and political context, a belief was developed that the path “from independence to the future” could be covered in a stronger, more comprehensive and more qualified manner by determining a focus area on education. So much so that, while we proudly commemorate the hundred-year history of our Republic this year, we think that it would be a very accurate initiative to evaluate the activities, decisions and practices made in the field of education since the republican period, which we can regard as the beginning of our national education mobilization and educational developments. We have organized the 5th International Educational Research Congress of Izmir Democracy University to include you in this initiative, to celebrate our republic with honor and pride and to review our educational past. This year, with the support of our participants, in our congress, the changes and developments we have observed in the last hundred years in the field of education, both globally and locally, that is, in the context of our country, will be evaluated in the context of some problems, conditions and practices specific to different educational discipline areas, and ideas will be shared freely and impartially with the power we receive from the republic, and together It is aimed to develop future solution suggestions.

Considering the meaning and importance of the 100th anniversary of our Republic for our country, we would like to invite you, all researchers who work and specialize in different fields of education, in this special year, in the beautiful city of Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, in a new, dynamic and always forward-looking democracy-loving country. I would like to express my respect and greetings by stating that I would be honored to have you among us to increase your scientific shares at the university and to commemorate the spirit of the republic with enthusiasm in all our communiqués.

Prof. Dr. Bedriye TUNÇSİPER

Rector of Izmir Demokrasi University